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About us


ATPOLE brush-less motors have absolute technical advantage of high efficiency, super low noise, super excellent EMC, super long life, high reliability, and excellent characteristics of servo control, signal function available, bi-direction cw/ccw, PWM step-less speed control, brake function, locked rotor protection, high current protection, high temperature protection. Atpole brushless motors are widely applied to automobile parts, home appliance, medical device, personal care, office automation, business equipment, industry facility, robot, power tools, etc.

ATPOLE  Experience count applying an electromechanical system requires knowledge of how mechanical systems interact with motors, gearing, drives and the overall controls system. If any of these components are applied without proper consideration of how they interact with one another, the application could suffer from under performance, cost overrun or even system failure. Mechatronics Solutions along with our experience can insure your system will be implemented successfully. We are dedicated to our customer’s success and overall satisfaction!
We’ve partnered with Industry Leaders to provide the highest quality and most leading edge technology to solve even the most demanding motion control applications.

Power electronics plays a fundamental role in mechatronics, as a link between the control layer, and the actuators. Most recent trends suggest integrating the power converters within the actuators themselves.

This requires:

As a consequence, power electronics is a component in the development of a mechatronic product which deserves specific attention.Electrical actuators with high performances are more and more requested in specific fields like aeronautics, automotive, and spatial or medical applications. In these fields, requirements in terms of reliability, encumbrance, and consumption are particularly critical.
Opting for electromechanical conversion for these applications is due to the significant progresses achieved in power electronics, and microelectronics. Therefore actuators can be powered as a function of their loading and real-time controlled through complex control strategies. Moreover, specific tools to achieve reliable modeling and simulation help in customizing the design for each specific application.

Different principles of electromechanical conversion co-exist: electromagnetic, piezoelectric, etc… Therefore designing high performance actuators requires a multidisciplinary approach, combining all aspects of the problem (consequences of choosing a particular technology, related control approaches …) at each step of the design process (from prototyping to final design).

ATPOLE  provide a comprehensive range of services in the field of mechatronics. Thanks to our comprehensive range of services we can support your project in every phase. We will be glad to offer our comprehensive and competent advice any time. Whether you want us to accompany your project step by step from feasibility testing through to series production, refer faulty applications to us for problem evaluation, or would just like us to implement your specification document: Your mechatronic issues are in the best hands with us.


The Driving Force

Executive Directors

Venkat katta

  • Venkat has 17 years experience in R&D in Electrical, Electronics, Embedded Technologies 10 years R&D in BLDC/PMSM motors and controllers in special applications in all variants as per customer requirements
  • Pioneer in BLDC, PSMSM, IM Motors R&D and Advanced Electric Motor Drives & Controllers R&D
  • Sufficient knowledge of the structure, operation and control of synchronous machines, induction motors & BLDC motors as per customer requirements and customization.
  • Industrial automation applications. Automotive Electronics (OBD2, TELEMATICS, ECU, VCU) on time delivery and in an allotted budget
  • Continuous upgradation on the subject interacting with fraternity

Jagadish Kumar Meesala

Director- Sales & Marketing (CO-FOUNDER)
  • Possesses a wealth of 20 years experience in a variety of critical areas Telecom, IOT, IT inchading Sales & Marketing, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, and Customer Relationship Management.

Non-Executive Directors

Bondada Raghavendra Rao

  • Chairman & Managing Director of BEPL
  • 25 years experience across projects in Telecom, Power, Transmission, Renewable Energy, Pre-Engineered Buildings and Industrial infrastructure
  • Prior to joining BEPL, he was COO of Aster Pvt. Ltd.

Satyanarayana Baratam

  • Chartered Accountant with 20+ years experience in corporate finance and accounting.
  • One of the founding Directors of BEPL
  • Successfully established credit limits with SBI in 1st year of operation and enhanced credit limits from Rs 2-50 Cr

MVD Prasad

  • 26 years of experience in construction & project management
  • Post-graduate in computer sciences from Osmania University.
  • Prior to joining BEPL, he has worked with Aster Private Limited as business unit head-operations in telecom

Atpole boasts a vibrant team with 25 dynamic and youthful employees and planning to onboard another 20 people by March 2024 CRM & production.