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Energy Efficiency Motors

The Reasonable Balance of Costs and Benefits

Energy efficiency is a decisive factor when using electric motors today. Increasing the efficiency level of an electric motor by just a few percentage points has a significant impact on costs. One example: high energy magnets increase efficiency by a few percentage points. But at the same time the costs increase disproportionately when compared with an asynchronous motor.

By defining the ideal motor design – every electric motor operates most efficiently at a specific point – we will find the solution which will provide you with the optimal cost/pay back relationship. For example, by the use of direct drives which make efficiency-consuming gear-boxes redundant, by the selection of an appropriate cooling system and/or by combined motor technologies. A optimized balance of all these factors enable the overall efficiency of your machines to be significantly increased – often even in double percentage figures.

The decisive criterion is always the concrete application. You, the machine designer, are most familiar with the constraints. And we are most familiar with the potential that can be achieved by electric motors for your specific objectives.