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Liquid-Cooled Motors

Keep Cool – Even at the Highest Performance Levels

Compared with air-cooled motors, liquid-cooled electric motors have many advantages which compensate for the cost of the additional cooling.

The Liquid-cooling enables the designer to build motors which are distinguished by very high performance levels. The heat is removed near to its source which means that the outer casing of the motor retains its original temperature. External influences hardly impact on the motor’s performance. The heat that is removed can even be recovered if required.

Area of Application: A Wide Range – from Harsh to very Sensitive

Liquid-cooled electric motors run very quietly and require no regular maintenance or cleaning. They are suitable for a wide spectrum of applications. These extend from very harsh – for instance as is normal in the construction industry or rail maintenance – up to the very sensitive – such as the applications encountered in the textile industry or clean rooms.

ATPOLE  offers all technologies in the range of liquid-cooled electric motors: synchronous, asynchronous, with aluminium or squirrel-cages.

Typical Areas of Application: