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Meeting Your Wishes. Consistently and Exactly as Required.

Customized drives have a very advantageous cost/benefit ratio. It is therefore hardly surprising that they are playing an increasing role in innovative machine designs. ATPOLE has systematically specialized in meeting customers’ requirements with standardized technology modules. It is precisely because of this exact focus that leading machine manufacturers across a very diverse range of industrial sectors have chosen us as their reliable, long-term partner. 

You can learn more about our business model of customer-awareness, quality and slim work processes here.

The Foundation for Your Success

The intensive dialogue with you lays the foundation stone for the financial success of your machines and equipment. We will join with you in defining all the main pillars of your project. This is how we manufacture drives for you which consistently meet your requirements. The success of your project commences with a few questions:

Our Product Range

The Right Partner for all Your Requirements

The accompanying chart summarises the range of ATPOLEelectric motors and services. The guiding principle is that we will individually define the ideal technology, cooling method and configuration for every application.

Your requirements and budget form the framework for the solutions we suggest to you. Innovative concepts can extend the performance boundaries depicted in the chart.

The best way to establish if we are also the right partner for your project is to send your requirements, wishes and objectives directly to us by (email id) or phone.