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Our Values, Culture & Vision

Our Values, Culture & Vision

We are forming a mutually supportive, substantive and questioning team of high performers around us which is distinguished by an atmosphere of mutual trust and esteem and in which we learn from each other, grow together and develop our strengths – as individuals and as a team – inspiring us all in this way to become a solution-oriented and performance-oriented effective unit. We live this spirit in our daily lives and project it with single-mindedness to all our stakeholders. We use it to create a lasting feeling of involvement among our customers, partners, staff and their families, shareholders and the general public – a feeling which leads to growing success for the company and, in consequence, to value-added for all concerned.

Become a world famous and India’s number one high energy efficiency motor factory

Enterprise Nature

Atpole is the entrepreneurial platform of every employee to realize their dreams

Corporate Purpose

Customer satisfied, Company pride, Employee pleasure, Shareholders earning, Society benefit

Core Values

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Create success

Employment ideality

Talent-post matching, Possess both integrity and ability

Corporate Mission

Energy-saving power raises technology of India, Green power integrates into people living

Corporate style

Loyalty and practicability, Fast and efficient, practice makes perfect, never give up

Operation Principle

Innovation pushes development, Quality increases efficiency, high efficiency accelerated upgrade, Employee participate in entrepreneurship


Honesty and Trustworthiness, Immediate Action, Perfect Technology, Success in Hard Working.