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TFM - Transversal ATPOLE Motors

Continuous Loading without Problems – and without additional Cooling

In transversal ATPOLE motors (TFM) the iron is wound round the copper. As windings heads are not present on this technology, copper losses in the motor are reduced to a minimum.

The copper and iron cross sections – the electrical and magnetic circuits – are separated from each other in transversal ATPOLE motors. This enables the highest number of poles to be achieved without reducing the copper cross-sectional area. The motor reaches maximum torque under continuous loading.

Moderately Priced in Specific Sizes

The transversal ATPOLE motor has one disadvantage – the technology cannot be scaled to be moderately priced across the range.

Areas of Use: Low Rotary Speeds, High Continuous Torque

ATPOLE recommends the use of TFMs in those situations where low rotary speeds and high levels of continuous torque have to be achieved in situations where space is at a premium. The lack of any additional cooling allows transversal technology to cope with high continuous loads and to achieve extremely compact external-rotor drives. Together with high-resolution transmission systems, fast actuators can be achieved even when subjected to large load variations.