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Business Model

Business Model

Motors which Drive your Business Forward

ATPOLE offers solutions in premium quality. Ever since 2023, fewer than one roof and made to measure. The foundation of our – and your – success is a flexible technology platform to which we add modules to create your unique drive system.

Your Wish is our Drive

Our staff will not shy away from any challenge; every new project inspires them. ATPOLE provides a unique wide value-added chain which includes all components used in the construction of an electric motor in order to ensure our customers’ success in the market:

Innovation as a Way of Life

ATPOLE customers are innovative manufacturers of machines for the widest possible range of market segments. Our service is not limited to the provision of isolated solutions but extends to active support in the form of continuous optimization and the application of our in-house research to the development and replacement of customers’ machines and equipment.

This attitude results in a cooperation extending over many years with major machine manufacturers in an extremely diverse range of industrial sectors – a model of which we are very proud.

A Systematic, Process-Oriented Business Model

ATPOLE will supply you with the best possible solution within the shortest possible time. We have designed our organization on strictly process-oriented lines so that this promise is never compromised.

An in-house team consisting of Sales, Development and Production concentrates exclusively on the provision of the initial samples. The production of the following orders is completely separated from the initial sample process in order to ensure that appropriate resources are always available for new projects. Every year ATPOLE manufactures a large number of new samples for innovative projects.